The Quality Promise Whitepaper


What we’ve learned from over 60,000 successfully outsourced WordPress projects.

We've completed WordPress projects of all shapes and sizes and you can learn from that experience.

This free 26-page whitepaper is filled with information for considering outsourced service providers including:

  • What you can gain from outsourcing
  • Where to find the right help
  • How to setup a project for success


"Ever since I’ve found Codeable, I haven’t been back to oDesk/UpWork because it’s hard to find somebody reliable. Everyone on Codeable is a professional. I’ve used some of their help for several things like little tasks, speed improvements, and of course some theme customizations. I've never had a problem with anyone on Codeable: it’s always been straightforward, good communication, efficient."

Ian Garvie, founder of Promo Work